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As a local pest control company, we employ 

Exterminators who are experts at removing rodents in your home

There are a variety of rodents that can infest your space, including rats, chipmunks, mice, and squirrels. They are generally small in size and have strong incisors for chewing. Unfortunately, rodents can carry and transmit a number of diseases and cause damage to structures from their gnawing.

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What type of rodent am I dealing with?

It can be challenging for homeowners to identify the specific type of rodent that may be pestering their home, especially since many look similar and have overlapping habitats. The first indicator of rodent type is their size and appearance – for example, rates are typically larger with long tails, and squirrels have bushy tails. You can also examine the rodent droppings and tracks to provide additional clues to the type of rodent.

An easy answer, if you are struggling to identify the type of rodent, is to contact one of our professionals. They have expertise and tools and can provide guidance on how to control the pests you are dealing with.

Where are rodent infestations found in homes?

There are a huge variety of areas that rodents infest – here are some of the most common:

If traps just aren’t cutting it for your rodent problem, give Mint a call. We can help you remove an existing rodent infestation and prevent more in the future.

Eliminate pest invasion all year round

Innovative EcoBloc technology creates a fortified barrier against bugs

We deploy an arsenal of environmentally responsible and effective UV and water-resistant products which include micro-encapsulated formulas that target pests and ensure long-lasting protection.


We thoroughly inspect a property to detect pest activity, possible points of entry and the most effective treatments.


Our team will provide a report with inspection results and our professional recommendations for the most effective treatments.


Using our proprietary 4 Season Eco-Bloc Technology, we address all agreed-upon issues. We maintain ongoing reporting for easy referencing.

Clean, happy, healthy spaces

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