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Centipede Control

Centipede Control Service


Centipede Control Service

Are you constantly battling centipedes in your home? These many-legged pests can be more than just a nuisance; they’re a concern for every homeowner.

At Mint Pest Control, we understand your worries. House centipedes, with their quick movements and startling appearance, can turn your haven into a place of discomfort. While they rarely bite, the thought of these venom-carrying pests roaming freely in your home is unsettling.

That’s where our expert service comes in. Our centipede control service is designed not just to eliminate these pests but to do so in a way that’s friendly for your family and pets. Imagine your home, free from the worry of centipedes, where you can relax and feel secure again.

Take the first step towards a centipede-free home today. Contact Mint Pest Control for a free centipede control estimate. Call (888) 739-9099 now!

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Professional centipede treatment

Safeguard Your Home with Professional Centipede Solutions

Our approach to tackling your pest problem goes beyond mere extermination. We specialize in child and pet-friendly solutions, recognizing that the safety of your family and furry companions is paramount. Our eco-conscious methods are designed to not only rid your home of centipedes but also to prevent their return, all while maintaining a healthy, non-toxic environment.

With Mint Pest Control, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner in maintaining a pest-free, comfortable, and safe home. Let us take the worry out of your centipede infestation, giving you back the peace of mind you deserve.

Why Choose Mint Pest Control?

  • All-Season Protection: Our treatments are designed to offer year-round defense against centipedes, ensuring your home stays pest-free in every season.
  • Water-Resistant Products: Our solutions are resilient against water, ensuring that the protective barrier remains intact even in wet conditions.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: We stand behind our service with a full satisfaction guarantee, offering peace of mind and confidence in our centipede control solutions.
Eliminate pest invasion all year round

Innovative EcoBloc technology creates a fortified barrier against bugs

We deploy an arsenal of environmentally responsible and effective UV and water-resistant products which include micro-encapsulated formulas that target pests and ensure long-lasting protection.


We thoroughly inspect a property to detect pest activity, possible points of entry and the most effective treatments.


Our team will provide a report with inspection results and our professional recommendations for the most effective treatments.


Using our proprietary 4 Season Eco-Bloc Technology, we address all agreed-upon issues. We maintain ongoing reporting for easy referencing.

House Centipede Control: Customized for Your Home

Disappointment with generic solutions is a thing of the past. With our customized approach to house centipede control, we bring precision, effectiveness, and peace of mind right to your doorstep.

Precision Pest Control Tailored to Your Unique Needs

A one-size-fits-all approach falls short when it comes to effectively dealing with house centipedes. Each home is unique, and so is every centipede infestation. Understanding this, we’ve honed our process to provide precision pest control, specifically tailored to address your individual needs and concerns.

Customized Inspection for Accurate Assessment

The cornerstone of our bespoke approach is our detailed property inspection. Our skilled technicians don’t just skim the surface; they dive deep into the potential hotspots and hidden corners of your home. This thorough evaluation allows us to understand the extent of your centipede problem and the specific conditions that may be encouraging their presence.

Developing a Personalized Treatment Plan

Armed with insights from our inspection, we then craft a treatment plan that’s as unique as your home. We consider various factors – from the layout of your property to the specific species of centipedes and their breeding habits. We aim to target the problem at its source, using strategies that are most effective for your particular situation.

Implementing Tailored Solutions for Centipede Infestations

Once the plan is in place, our experienced technicians implement the treatment with precision. When applying our advanced EcoBloc Technology in strategic locations, every step is taken with the goal of providing maximum impact against centipedes, while ensuring safety and minimal disruption to your daily life.

Adapting to Changing Needs

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with the initial treatment. We understand that your needs may evolve over time, and so will our solutions. Regular follow-ups and adjustments to the treatment plan are part of our promise to ensure long-lasting centipede control.

Eliminate Pests for Good: Act Now!

Don’t let centipedes rob you of your home’s comfort and peace. Take immediate action with Mint Pest Control and put an end to your centipede problem once and for all. Our expert team is ready to offer you a personalized solution. Call (888) 739-9099 now for a free quote!

Clean, happy, healthy spaces

You enjoy it, we protect it


House centipedes are drawn to moist and dark areas. They often come indoors seeking shelter and prey, such as smaller insects. Ensuring your home is well-ventilated and dry, particularly in basements and bathrooms, can help deter their presence.

While house centipedes can bite, it’s rare and usually only occurs if they are provoked. Their bite is generally no more painful than a minor bee sting. However, for individuals with allergies, reactions can be more significant. It’s always best to manage centipedes to avoid any potential issues.

Our services include a thorough inspection to identify the source of the infestation, followed by a customized treatment plan using our EcoBloc Technology. We focus on eliminating current centipedes and preventing future infestations.

Centipedes feed on other small arthropods and insects. Their presence can sometimes indicate a larger pest issue in your home. Our comprehensive pest control services address centipedes and help manage other potential pests they might be feeding on.

Centipedes feed on other small arthropods and insects. Their presence can sometimes indicate a larger pest issue in your home. Our comprehensive pest control services address centipedes and help manage other potential pests they might be feeding on.

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