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Cockroach Control


Commercial and residential cockroach treatment

When cockroaches invade your space, Mint Pest Control stands ready with premier cockroach control and treatment services, tailored to fit both homes and businesses.

Few pests are as universally reviled and detested as the cockroach. Whether it’s their unsettling speed, resilience, or the diseases they can carry, the sight of cockroaches in a residential or commercial space is a turn off. 

These hardy pests aren’t just unsightly; they can spread a range of diseases, exacerbate asthma, and even cause allergic reactions to sensitive people. In commercial spaces like restaurants, the presence of cockroaches can easily make you lose business.

When it comes to choosing a professional roach killer, the stakes are high. With Mint Pest Control, you’re entrusting your space to experts who bring: 

  • Eco-friendly pest solutions
  • Experienced technicians
  • All-season formulas
  • 100% money-back guarantee

In the battle against cockroaches, you partner with a reliable extermination company near you like Mint Pest Control.

Give us a call to talk about solutions for your home:

Residential cockroach killer company near you

Cockroach removal company

Our homes are our sanctuaries, places of safety and comfort. The last thing we want is cockroaches walking all over our meals and utensils. Mint Pest Control offers residential cockroach control services, using proven techniques and eco-friendly treatments to ensure your home remains roach-free. Our team of expert exterminators conducts thorough inspections, identifying key infestation points before employing targeted treatment techniques. We aim for minimal disruption, ensuring you can return to a clean, pest-free environment swiftly.

Child-friendly and pet-friendly cockroach extermination services

We understand the deep concern homeowners have when it comes to the safety of their loved ones. Whether it’s the tiny feet of your toddler exploring every nook and cranny, or your furry friend curiously sniffing around, ensuring their safety during pest control treatments is paramount. Recognizing this need, we’ve honed our approach to provide cockroach extermination services that are as kind to your family as they are effective against pests.

Commercial cockroach control

For businesses, especially those in the food and hospitality sector, a roach infestation can severely damage reputation and customer trust. We understand the urgency and discretion required. Mint Pest Control’s commercial treatment services prioritize speed and effectiveness. Our treatments don’t just target adult roaches but also eggs and nymphs, breaking the life cycle and preventing resurgence.

Your staff & customers are protected

Engaging in pest control, especially in commercial establishments, requires a delicate balance. While it’s essential to address the pest issue, it’s equally crucial to ensure that the treatment process doesn’t disrupt business operations or pose a risk to humans. At Mint Pest Control, our commitment extends beyond simple pest eradication; we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of everyone who walks through your doors.

Professional cockroach control near you

DIY methods might seem tempting, but when you’re up against an adversary as tenacious as the cockroach, professional intervention becomes a game-changer. With Mint Pest Control, you’re not just getting a quick fix. You’re investing in peace of mind, a safer environment, and a truly roach-free space. The importance of professional roach treatment can’t be overstated—it’s the difference between a temporary solution and a lasting one.


Indoor cockroach removal

Indoors, these pests tend to thrive in:

  • Kitchens: Drawn by the allure of food scraps, water sources, and dark corners, kitchens are a prime hotspot.
  • Bathrooms: Damp and secluded, bathrooms offer roaches an ideal breeding ground.
  • Basements & Attics: With less human activity, these areas are often havens for roach colonies.

Our indoor removal process starts with a detailed inspection, followed by the implementation of our innovative EcoBloc Technology. We target all potential hideouts, ensuring that every last roach is dealt with while also putting preventive measures in place to thwart future invasions.

Outdoor cockroach control

While indoors poses its challenges, the outdoors is a whole different battleground. Cockroaches thrive in:

  • Garbage & Compost Bins: The scent of decomposing organic matter is a siren call for these pests.
  • Gardens & Mulched Areas: The moist, dark environment beneath mulch or dense vegetation is ideal for roaches.
  • Cracks & Crevices: Be it in walls, pavements, or foundational structures, any gap is a potential entry point.

Mint Pest Control’s approach to outdoor cockroach control involves a thorough examination of your property’s perimeters. We treat potential breeding sites, apply barrier treatments to prevent entry, and offer guidance on best practices to maintain a roach-free environment.

A holistic approach to cockroach extermination

Whether they’re encroaching from outside or have already made themselves at home indoors, our cockroach removal services tackle the problem at its root. With a blend of advanced techniques, eco-friendly treatments, and a commitment to excellence, Mint Pest Control ensures you have both a reactive solution to current problems and a proactive strategy against future invasions. Enjoy peace of mind and a roach-free environment, inside and out.

Eliminate pest invasion all year round

Innovative EcoBloc technology creates a fortified barrier against bugs

We deploy an arsenal of environmentally responsible and effective UV and water-resistant products which include micro-encapsulated formulas that target pests and ensure long-lasting protection.


We thoroughly inspect a property to detect pest activity, possible points of entry and the most effective treatments.


Our team will provide a report with inspection results and our professional recommendations for the most effective treatments.


Using our proprietary 4 Season Eco-Bloc Technology, we address all agreed-upon issues. We maintain ongoing reporting for easy referencing.

Contact your local cockroach control company

Don’t let cockroaches dictate the comfort and safety of your space. Contact Mint Pest Control, your cockroach killer company. We are dedicated to reclaiming your property from these unwelcome invaders. Don’t wait for the problem to escalate; contact us now!

Clean, happy, healthy spaces

You enjoy it, we protect it


Over-the-counter products can offer short-term relief, but a professional roach killer uses advanced methods and products to target the root cause, ensuring long-lasting results and prevention of future infestations.

We offer a comprehensive cockroach removal solution, starting with an inspection to identify the extent of the infestation. Our team then applies targeted treatments, ensuring that roaches at all life stages are addressed. Post-treatment, preventive measures are put in place to avoid re-infestation.

The timeline for results can vary based on the severity of the infestation and the treatment methods used. However, most homeowners notice a significant reduction in cockroach activity within a week after treatment. It’s essential to follow the post-treatment guidelines provided by our professionals to see optimal results.

While our treatments are designed to offer long-term protection against cockroaches, prevention plays a crucial role in ensuring they don’t return. Regularly cleaning food spills, sealing food containers, fixing leaks, and ensuring no gaps or cracks in your property can deter cockroaches. Additionally, we provide guidance on maintaining a roach-free environment post-treatment.

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